Customer Satisfaction.
How to use cutting-edge technologies to increase satisfaction?


An efficient Customer Care system is fundamental to ensuring timely and effective support to customers, internal users, or any other interested party.

To implement a well-structured Customer Care, detailed design is essential: starting from gathering specific needs of stakeholders (customers and operators); defining processes and procedures that can ensure a consistent and high-quality support experience for all involved parties; mapping out the flows, representing the lifecycle of a request while considering the customer's and user's (operator's) experience; selecting and configuring the software based on the organization's specific needs and training the operators; identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess the effectiveness and performance of Customer Care.

Customer Service
Toyota Financial Services
Maurizio Mesenzani
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Ensure comprehensive, thorough, and satisfactory assistance.

Initially, all reports were handled through a small number of channels, mainly through the mail channel. In addition, there was no possibility for the customer to indicate the reason for contact, consequently there was no automated method for the operator to cluster and classify requests. This did not allow for efficient handling of requests.

Therefore, the project began with the goal of improving Customer Satisfaction. Since the beginning of the collaboration with Toyota Financial Services, the BSD team has been responsible for designing and deploying various Digital Customer Service processes on the channels of email, chat, chatbot, webform integrated in the restricted areas, and telephone channel, directly managing the configuration of the support platform and the training path to the operators.  

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“Excellent support. Kindness, competence, and willingness to resolve all unusual situations. [...] Truly an excellent operator!”

The design of these processes entailed a complete overhaul of the request handling process, enabling real-time monitoring of the satisfaction index and creating clusters based on brand, reason for contact, and customer type, while also conducting analysis of negative feedback (utilizing artificial intelligence tools).

In the subsequent months, the BSD team was also responsible for tailoring reports to meet specific customer preferences. Additionally, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, targeted solutions were devised to streamline the handling of numerous requests and assist the agents in their tasks.

The project is an ongoing endeavor aimed at continually enhancing customer satisfaction.

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